Second Win!

Ok it’s been a while, but I don’t want this to turn into a negative gripe fest on the Astros.  I’ll try to keep this blog as positive and optimistic as possible, but I won’t be afraid to point out the obvious. 

First lets talk about Mike Hampton.  What a pitching performace he had against the Pirates.  I honestly feel that Hampton, Oswalt, and Wandy have pitched pretty good so far.  Now don’t get me wrong, they have made some mistakes, but overall, I’ve liked what I’ve seen.

I wanted to talk about Oswalt’s outing against the Cards.  I’m going to go out on a limb here by saying that I think Roy got frustrated with his teams lack of offense.  He was pitching perfect, but when his team played aweful and he had no run support, I think that it frustrated, and just started making mistakes in the zone.

Now on to the present.  I hope that this second win is a start for the offence.  I REALLY like Michael Bourn at the leadoff spot, and Pence in the 5 hole.  Let’s go for the season’s first back-to-back wins!!!





First Win!

Well that didn’t take long!  The Astros have gone to 500 on the year and are tied with the Cubs! 

Ok, but seriously, it was a very good win.  After the dissapointing opening season game, this was a good bounce back game.  It was the new guys in the end who helped win the game.  Pudge with the walk, Michaels with the sac fly, and of course Keppinger with the winning single.

How about Michael Bourn?  He is off to a good start.  What I like is the fact that he’s hitting it to the left side of the field.  It’s good to see him doing well, because the Astros are going to need him.

Wandy?  I thought he pitched good, and made few mistakes, but when he got in trouble, he didn’t panic like he used to, he got out of the jam.

OK, that was just some random thoughts.  I realisticly like what I’m seeing from the Astros so far, especially against the Cubs.

What a difference a week makes!

Well, it’s been a week or so since I’ve wrote about the beloved Astros.  They finally started to win some games!  I’ll admit that I don’t like the cliché about spring games don’t matter.  Whatever.  Who wants to lose?  I don’t.  So it looks like Ortiz is gonna make it after all.  I like that Capillan will be in the bag if things go bad with anyone not named Oswalt.  On to Sir Lancelot.  I hope this isn’t Bagwell 2 with the hurt shoulder and all.  I not going to be shy to say that there seems to be a link between steroids and athletes falling apart too early.  Look at A-Rod and his hip falling off.  Bagwell and his shoulder falling off.  I might get flamed for that comment but oh well.  I hope Berkman gets well soon, because the ‘stros are gonna need him.

What about Pudge?  Glad to see that the Astros finally came to their senses on this one.  It was a no-brainer to me.
On a side note, I bought MLB 09 the Show for PS3.  I got Free Agent happy and decided to add Wiggington back at 3rd base.  Here is my lineup as it stands.
Now on the game simulation, Bourn is WAY better than IRL.  That being said, I could only imagine this lineup with a DECENT Michael Bourn at the top.  I score crazy.
Anyway, back to reality.  It looks like the Astros might be in for a Right Handed 3rd Baseman.  Morgan Ensberg anyone?  He DID hit pretty good against lefty’s if I’m not mistaken.  
OK this is getting LONG.  1 MORE WEEK!
OH, and I’m doing fantasy for the first time this year, I’m sure I’ll screw it up!


This is, according to Alyson Footer, what Astros manager Cooper said recently regarding the Astros.  Hence the fact that I have not really blogged here in the past week or so.  There is not much to say.  Just look at the in game box scores.  Most of the Astros pitchers have “astro”-nomical ERA’s, and the batting averages are either .100 or less, compared to the average looking numbers on the other team.  I am worried.  But I guess like I heard someone say the other day, it’s better for them to start out slow and gain strength, than start strong and fizzle out.


Only 2 Hits!

Well, the third spring training game for the Astros against the Nationals was pretty quick and boring.  The Astros could only manage 2 hits.  I was also discouraged with Kaz Matsui gettinig an 0-fer.  Wandy only allowed 2 runs, just like Oswalt the day before, but it seemed like he made more than just the one mistake that Roy made.  Granted, the big dogs weren’t there for the road game, but I hope things go better for the ‘Stros next time!




No-Name pitchers lose game for the ‘Stros

Well, the core of the Astros looked good, and even the relief fielders looked OK, but the no-name pitchers that came in relief really lost it for the team.  This just exemplifies how pitching, especially in the farm system is really weak.  The good news is that Backe looked good.  I will say that I have been very impressed with the way that the core players, and even some of the back up players (Abercrombie, Johnson) have looked.